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7 Problems Livecube Event Engagement App with Gamification Solves

1.    How to keep attendees engaged in session conversations – gamification apps for business

Livecube’s event engagement app makes it fun and easy for your attendees to connect.  It provides focus instead of distraction with dramatic improvement in attendee value: before, during and after the event.

This exciting event networking app platform allows you to prepopulate hashtags, which in turn, make it easy for attendees to follow conversations, post comments, questions, photos and more.

Session notes focus attendees on what matters – all separated by topical conversations in the simple and powerful session schedule.

The Livecube mobile event app provides a 5 to 7x provable increase in engagement.

2. How to deliver the most important, timely and relevant information

  • Livecube’s easy to use admin interface gives you full control of your event.
  • Set your mobile event app up in minutes and update it in real- time.
  • Manage communications, materials, speakers, sessions, documents, users and teams with simple edit functionality.
  • Gauge interaction and have real-time data and metrics at your fingertips allowing you to be proactive and not reactive.
  • Provide direct targeted messaging to your attendee’s mobile devices.
  • Use customizable wording to announce updates, encourage desired behaviors, provide special offers and motivate participation.
  • All of your events documents, floor plans, and session slides all in one place for attendees to reference.

Best event app NYC Livecube

3. How to collect feedback and necessary metrics – live audience polling

  • Through surveys and polls, our audience participation software helps you keep your finger on the pulse with real-time feedback from targeted surveys, or poll the whole audience for dynamic, live interactions.
  • Amplify social reach through Twitter.
  • Quantify connections and networking.
  • Automate event history.
  • Real-time metrics and Superb attendee engagement.

When the event is over, Livecube provides you with an organizer’s dream recap, full of great metrics and analytics. At the touch of a button, you can provide attendees with their own wrap up email complete with the top posts, photos, connections, notes and even post-event downloads.

Live audience polling

4. How to make it a successful event for everyone

Attendees can easily follow one another on social media or right inside Livecube.

It’s Networking made fun with Connections, Handshakes, Private Messaging and convenient Notifications.

Ample opportunities throughout the app to integrate your branding, as well as provide innovative perks to sponsors.

Event Networking App by Livecube


5. How to make it a fun and memorable experience for everyone

  • Create custom challenges that encourage your attendees to complete their profiles, post to the group and interact with each other.
  • The most successful and engaging events connect compelling prizes to Livecube’s built-in points, teams and challenges.
  • Flexible prize creation fits any need or audience ranging from products to special opportunities unique to your audience.
  • Whether you are giving away iPads, a secret session or a meet & greet with the keynote speaker, the Livecube gamification app supports it all.
  • Beautiful and customizable leaderboard views fuel the competitive spirit or simply help keep track of your most engaged attendees.

Best gamification apps for businesses

6. How to address the issues of ROI

  • Livecube creates efficiency through its easy set up features.
  • Saves on printing costs by providing a platform to list session info, speakers, attendees, shared documents and more.
  • Livecube allows you to make edits in real-time.
  • Livecube allows you to leverage event data to improve future meeting engagement as well as gain insights that may improve organizational policies, procedures and other factors that affect performance.

Best event app in NYC & USA


7. How to deal with required technology skills

  • Livecube is an easy platform to set up and use.
  • Livecube is a responsive web app works that works on any device.
  • A downloadable app is also available for iOS and Android.
  • Flexible enough to broadcast conversation to social channels or keep the conversation contained to a private channel.
  • Easily scalable
  • Easy to use admin tools to put the control in your hands.
  • Bulk upload speakers, sessions and schedules with ease.
  • Make edits and changes easily and in real-time. Manage multiple tracks, single sessions and moderate discussions all seamlessly.

Livecube event app NYC


We’re here to help you increase audience engagement for a successful event or conference. To learn more about our Livecube gamification apps for business, give us a call (888) 525-9353.





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Welcome to the Best Event App by Livecube

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Livecube offers businesses, parties, events and conferences the world’s most engaging event app.

This mobile event app explores every aspect of a successful event into one solution. You'll maximize audience participation and engagement. The app uses social interaction and gamification to motivate and incentivize audiences, driving ideation and networking.

Give your attendees something to talk about and switch on Livecube to join the next generation of conversation.

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